This plugin could be used to create easily an image gallery similar to the google image search



  • ajax text + image
  • ajax text
  • Inline content

Options Available

var wall = $('div.wall').GITheWall({
  // Callbacks API
  onBeforeInit: null,
  onReady: null,
  onViewPortUpdate: null,
  onItemChange: null,
  onDestroy: null,
  onShow: null,
  onHide: null,
  onContentLoading: null,
  onContentLoaded: null,
  margin: {
    top: 10,
    bottom: 10
  scrollerElm: null,
  scrollOffset: 150,
  // settings
  arrows: true,
  closebutton: true,
  keyboardNavigation: true,
  animationSpeed: 300,
  autoscroll: true,
  responsive: true,
  initialWrapperHeight: 600,
  dynamicHeight: true,
  nextButtonClass: '',
  prevButtonClass: '',
  closeButtonClass: ''

Public API

Public API methods


$ bower install jquery-gi-thewall -save